Delivering the Career Transition Assistance Trial

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Career Transition Assistance (CTA) is a program for mature age job seekers, aged 50 years and over, which will provide practical assistance to increase employability and competitiveness in the local job market. CTA comprises two elements: the Tailored Career Assistance Element and the Functional Digital Literacy Element. Job seekers may be referred to one, or both, Elements of the program.

Prior to a national rollout, CTA will be trialled in the following five CTA Trial Regions:

  • Ballarat, Victoria
  • Somerset, Queensland
  • Central West, New South Wales
  • Adelaide South, South Australia, and
  • Perth North, Western Australia.

Job seekers who are registered with a jobactive Provider in one of the CTA Trial Regions are eligible to be referred to CTA by their jobactive Provider. CTA Providers are expected to collaborate with jobactive Providers to ensure that the Participant achieves the maximum benefit possible.

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